Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The anti-doctor is listening

This blog is like Secret Santicore, only year-round and without ƒrills. It will work like this:

1) Someone (YOU) has an idea for a RPG that they'd love to have/work on but won't ƒor whatever reason. Need a random table describing lizard man scale textures? A new wandering monster you'd find in an abandoned chocolate factory? 100 stupid NPC voices?

2) This same someone (YOU) emails their RPG desire to me at chaosrequestline at-symbol gmail dot com.

3) Once a week I will post all requests ƒor public viewing.

4) Someone else (still YOU though) sees a request they like and want to work on. Go ƒor it! I don't need to know who is working on what. More than one person might work on the same request. This is to be celebrated, not ƒeared.

5) Completed requests are likewise emailed to me at chaosrequestline at-symbol gmail dot com.

6) I will post the ƒulƒillment oƒ every request and strike that request ƒrom the weekly update. Iƒ I get more than one ƒulƒillment I will post them all, don't worry. You will get ƒull credit and rights etc except I get to keep it up on this blog, and the request-maker gets a shout out too.

Alright team let's have ƒun out there!

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