Thursday, 30 April 2015

Chaos Requests April 8th to April 30th

Ian Reilly has a genie's worth of wishes:

any or all would be much appreciated:

-1d12 encounters: Tolkien creature rejects

-a mechanically simple but interesting object found in the buried space drill ruins

-the aristocrat's hidden room including some disgustingly decadent secret

also i'm working on that dwarf dungeon, still a little ways to go

(Don't threaten me with a good time, Ian.)

Robin Zinc writes very well in his own blood:

"a dungeon outline for the old, sealed-off temple of a forgotten Dwarf god. Monsters, traps, whatever, dungeon stuff. Back story unimportant unless amazing and necessary. My tastes lean towards the weird".

Mathew Adams makes a sacraƒice oƒ himselƒ, to himselƒ:
"This is a randomly generated as you play dungeon thing, using the card game solitiara as the mechanic for the generating. I am busy with other stuff, so if other people wish to give it a crack and release it for free they are quite welcome to"

Click here to download the word document 

Now comes the hard part. Go ƒorth and render onto chaos what belongs to chaos. Multiple conƒlicting incarnations oƒ the same idea pleases Tiamat so don't worry iƒ someone else is doing it too, it'll all be posted up.

Email me at chaosrequestline at geemail dot com! Please present all messages pregnant with Tiamat's seed in the body of the email. Iƒ you really really want to send me an attachment please explain why?

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  1. oh at this point i'm pretty sure it will be a very mediocre time