Thursday, 9 April 2015

Quiet Alec on Weird Magic Items

The Ladle of Eternal Heat

A powerful obsessed with have his soup always hot decided the greatest solution was to trap a small fire elemental inside of a soup ladle.  This would allow him to simply leave the ladle on in a pot of soup, keeping it hot.
It can also be used as a melee weapon dealing fire damage equivalent to a dagger.

Walking Stick

This seemingly ordinarily walking stick deals 1d4 damage plus an additional 1d4 damage per Constitution point you’re willing to sacrifice.  These points will regenerate after a long rest, but will typically leave the user weak enough to need to use the walking stick afterwards as support.

The Duelist’s Peacock

A regular sized peacock that prefers to perch upon its owner’s head (requires above average strength).  The Peacock will strike out once per round at any nearby opponent.  When escaping, the Peacock will fan its tail feathers, casting invisibility on the bearer.  It will only stay so long as it is fed well and not harassed.

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