Thursday, 19 March 2015

March 18 2015 Chaos Requests

1 new request and 2 fulfilled. Well done.

I have dreamed of a more organized way to do all this and it will become so at some point. There will be a way to browse completed requests so that they can be fulfilled anew. In the meantime, here's the list of new and unfulfilled requests:


Arnold K lifted his skinny fist to heaven:

3 nasty consequences of creating a time paradox.

Robin Zinc writes very well in his own blood:

"a dungeon outline for the old, sealed-off temple of a forgotten Dwarf god. Monsters, traps, whatever, dungeon stuff. Back story unimportant unless amazing and necessary. My tastes lean towards the weird".

Mathew Adams makes a sacraƒice oƒ himselƒ, to himselƒ:
"This is a randomly generated as you play dungeon thing, using the card game solitiara as the mechanic for the generating. I am busy with other stuff, so if other people wish to give it a crack and release it for free they are quite welcome to"

Click here to download the word document 

Astute readers will notice that I said 2 requests have been filled since last week though I've only posted 1. Also that it's not March 18 anymore. Chaos, am I right?

Now comes the hard part. Go ƒorth and render onto chaos what belongs to chaos. Multiple conƒlicting incarnations oƒ the same idea pleases Tiamat so don't worry iƒ someone else is doing it too, it'll all be posted up.

Email me at chaosrequestline at geemail dot com! Please contain all messages pregnant with Tiamat's seed in the body of the email unless it's spreadsheet junk.

PS I NEED MORE REQUESTS Just think of something right now that you wish you had in your notes already.

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